Back in 2017, I was in a big dilemma as to what I wanted to do with my life. All my friends merely wanted better grades, a good job and then to settle in a good house with a nice family. This idea honestly did not appeal to me, as I wanted my final purpose in life to be something bigger than just having a good house and a nice car.
This question persisted so much that it gave me sleepless nights.

Later, I was selected for a research project that required me to work with children suffering from distinct degrees of PTSD and chronic illnesses like cancer, tuberculosis etc.

My work with the children changed my perspective of looking at everything and gave me a firm revelation that if I wish to bring some scaled impact, it can only be done by changing the lives of children. And when that project ended, one of the kids with cancer gifted me a self-made clay pot as a parting gift. Soon after this incident, that child passed away.

This was the moment I was determined that the rest of my life will be committed to caring, loving and uplifting child life. This burning sense of determination has been my greatest asset in making Project uP a reality, on ending my research project I started spending a lot of time in Urban Slums trying to understand the nuances and issues the people there face, so much so, that I ended up spending a night there as well, the more I experienced their lives, the harder the fire of determination burned.

And soon after I organized a team with similar ideals, we got to work, a lot of ups and downs came on the way but every time we made a child smile, heard his hopes and dreams for the future, we felt as if Project uP is a huge success. While there is a long, long way to go, I’m determined to be committed to the development sector, specifically children.

One learning through all this has been that no matter what you do, it’s the heart that matters!

Vardaan Shekhawat

Founder, Project uP​

Yashveer Arya

Vice-President, Project uP

Project UP, the name itself motivates us to go uP. But there are many untouched souls in our country who are not even aware of the common term of modernity. We are living in the web world and using many privileged gadgets to our liking, so is that it? Everyone is enjoying this relative happiness? 

No. The goal is not to provide desirable equipment to everyone there, but to make them realize that they are being able to achieve whatever they want without opening their hands to their fellow humans. The poor remain poor, thinking they have no choice but to beg, or do nothing. This mentality has been working in our country for centuries.

Project uP works closely in changing this negative perspective and we feel that if one gets quality mentoring, starting from their childhood, change can be brought. A child can be moulded in any way; it is up to the social workers (Social Heroes) of this country how they can rectify the situation with real ground effect. The beginning of every social venture is fraught with failures and difficulties, and so was Project uP’s, but our goal was not just going to the slums to teach the children and playing with them their favorite sport, but also to bring significant changes in their moral values and daily lives. It is useless to open books in front of them unless they are the ones who tell us what the importance of books is. 

We were clear with our values, and we always are. Our vision for the good of humanity is clear, just as a diamond can only be polished by another diamond, a human being can only be better served by another human being. The power of cohesion is the driving force for Project uP. It doesn’t matter how big our impact is, what matters is the steps we take for the benefit of others. Even if you make a child smile and their family happy, you are winning.
It’s the heart that matters!