Project uP is not just a social enterprise to me, it is my safe-work-space, where I have witnessed the practice of human welfare. Ever since I’ve joined uP, I have learned some of the most important life lessons working on various projects, and seen how the intentions matter more than the efforts. 

On my field visits, I’ve encountered children with bare feet walking on twisted logs, shivering in the stone cold winter, missing out on studies to prepare the dinner, and struggling to see my face because of the smoke from firewood. Despite all of this, one thing that was common in all of the visits was their ever-smiling faces and warm greetings.

Talking to them and listening to their stories made me realize how privileged I am and how grateful I should be for the little things in my life. 

In my capacity as the Executive Hiring and Academic Resources, I will ensure to utilize all my resources and work as hard as I can, with all my heart and mind, to uP-lift those who are striving. I am really fortunate to work in the development sector along with like-minded people whose end-goal is to generate an actual impact, irrespective of its magnitude.

Diya Goswami

Executive Hiring and Academic Resources

Ishika Chauhan

Lead Research and Analysis

“Not everyday you stumble across people who purely thrive to bring forth change, and uP has such a team, whose dynamics make work seem effortless. It all started with the aim to make one child smile, then another and from then it has always gone uP. The kind of values we carry coupled with the work that we do is not based on one sided learning, rather each time we go to the field, we get to learn something new and that has shaped me as an individual. 

With the research that I pursue, the fact that every word that I write impacts the cycle of change keeps me driven. The heart to bring forth change coupled with the best set of people, for all the endless smiles and laughters, uP is more than an organisation to me,it is like home, something I’d always want to be a part of.”

“I was researching ”Child soldiers” for an MUN when I realised that only the privileged ones who acknowledge and put their privileges into bringing about change can help solve the world’s problems. I was honoured to become a part of uP where I was connected with like-minded people who believed in the same cause as I do and were equally motivated to work for it. I have seen uP growing and making every child in the slums smile. It has become my happy place. It made me grateful for things I always took for granted. And it has helped me help children not give up on the dreams which they never knew they had.”

Nandini Singh

Associate Outreach and Collaborations

Aakarsha Jagga

Chief of Content Strategy and Media

I joined Project uP in the June of 2019, and to have seen it growing, to have seen Team uP reach where it is today, to be a part of this journey, and to know we’ve got a lot more milestones to cross, has been more beautiful than words can explain. 

We’ve together seen uPs and downs, but the smiles of the children we work for never fail to keep us motivated, thus always helping us to put things in place and to get a clearer perspective. 

Soon after I joined uP, we started Project Smile, with the aim of making at least one person smile. As the Chief of Content Strategy and Media, I apply the same principle to my work, to impact just one person with whatever we put out there.

”Once I had acknowledged how well equipped I was to help bring a change, the size of that change did not matter. I would have served my purpose if I could lift uP even one person’s belief in all the good that exists. For me, Project uP is the embodiment of that good. Nothing makes more sense than to be with the people, who hold the same values as you do and work towards the same goal, and in uP’s case, that goal is to spread more joy than one can contain. As Associate Project Research, I strive to manifest that joy through impact-driven and well-structured projects aimed at maximisation of child welfare.”

Palak Maheshwari

Associate Project Research

Aanchal Pundir

Associate Events and Design

“Someone’s heart isn’t something we need to work for. The heart chooses exactly what it wants, the work comes in maintaining the space we create for the person’s heart to reside and make them happy,  because it’s the heart that matters. I am blessed with such a strong  and supportive team at uP, where we collectively spread joy and happiness to bring sparkle in the eyes of people and children and see them grow by creating that environment for them because ALL SMILES HERE.”