Child Welfare


Established in 2019, Project uP is an organisation working towards Child Welfare, in accordance with SDG-4. No matter what we do, the smiles of the children we work for keep us driven at all times.

On-field impact


Having impacted over 4000 lives, we carry out the fieldwork at over four sites in and around Delhi-NCR. With the help of our field visits, we aim at making every child smile through the implementation of our holistic education model.

Extensive research


As we work to eliminate the many evils that persist in the society, we, at uP, target the grass-root level of the problem, with the help of precise tools and working knowledge of research.

Online Campaigns


With an aim of impacting one life at a time, we carry out Online Campaigns that talk about topics that should be talked about more often, like Child Sex Abuse, Holistic Education, Mental Health and LGBTQIA+ Rights.

advocacy for change


We aim at inculcating such advocacy skills in the youth, that they have the power to mould the world in a way they want to. We achieve this through programmes like our flagship Policy Research Bootcamp, and introducing them to the field of academia through our affiliation with the International Journal of Policy Sciences and Law.

Policy recommendations


The Research and Design Team at uP has worked on Policy Recommendations and Policy Briefs for multiple governmental organisations, and has worked on Research Projects in collaboration with renowned think tanks.

Project uP is an organisation working towards Child Welfare and Urban Slum Development through the means of on-field projects, extensive research, and online campaigns.

The Smiles we work for