You are lucky to be alive. Inhale and take in life's wonders. Never take so much as a single petal of a flower for granted.

-by Matt Haig

If there’s one thing that humans learn without any practice is taking things for granted. It’s like a second hidden nature. We spend time worrying about the things that sometimes are not in our hands and forget about the ones that can make us instantly happy. Isn’t looking at a sky full of stars a bliss? Doesn’t it melt your heart when a baby holds your finger with all its hand’s strength? Have you ever been grateful about these things and realised how they add up in making you a better person? Did you ever think that you could contribute to world peace just by being grateful?

In this blog we go on a little ride to know about the reasons for why we should be thankful. Everything that happens in our life has the potential to break us or make us. But we need to learn how to allow ourselves to notice the things that can make us.


People say that you only die once but in fact you only live once. Do you wish to live that one life blaming yourself for anything or everything all the time? Do you want to live with your glass empty all the time i.e. being pessimistic? The answer is definitely no.

Life isn’t fair, that goes without saying. But that doesn’t mean we stop living it. We have it today we may not have it tomorrow. Make the most of it right now. Be thankful for those little things that make up your life and you will know what you have been missing on so far.

When you appreciate the little joys of life, you start believing in the big wonders. Those big wonders are nothing less than lively miracles that will never let you regret for giving yourself in completely to live your life. Be grateful to be alive for whenever you are.


When was the last time you sat next to someone and didn’t find the need to explain anything to them because they already understood everything?

Relationships are beautiful to be in but sometimes they can be hard to maintain. You never realise when you are being ungrateful in a relationship and it dismantles your roots of love one by one.

Always be grateful for someone you have had by your side when you needed them. Appreciate their existence for it’s the key to love. Everyone has a certain limit of feeling unappreciated. They deserve your gratefulness as much as you deserve theirs.


Ask yourself. Have you ever compared yourself with others? Have you ever been unhappy because of your own self? Definitely most of you have.

Because it’s a human tendency- to compare yourself with others and to treat yourself like trash and all of this leads to toxic negativity and lowers your self esteem.

But did you know all of this can change with just one simple step- being thankful to yourself! “It all starts with you”. Here too the quote emphasises on the fact that being appreciative starts with yourself.

If you acknowledge your own goodness my friend,you  will realise the importance of self worth. Value and cherish your goodness because only then you can genuinely be grateful to others.


Have you ever wondered how some people are able to be at peace even in the most difficult time? How are people able to keep an optimistic approach even in negative events? How do some people light up a room with their smile and positivity?

Fortunately this frame of mind can be fostered with a little practice- which is being grateful to every possible thing in your life.

Not just this but years of research has also proven that being grateful not only reduces anxiety but also helps in overcoming trauma. A 2006 study published in Behavior Research and Therapy found that Vietnam War Veterans with higher levels of gratitude experienced lower rates of PTSD. Recognizing all you have to be thankful for – even during the worst times of your life – stimulate resilience.

This process is similar to ‘the circle of life’- what you give will come back to you. When you are thankful to someone it makes other people content from inside and this feeling makes you happy. This is also called empathy (the ability to understand and feel what others are feeling). So being thankful is beneficial for you more than the receiver.


When you are grateful to one person, it’s not just them but the entire society you do a favour to. It starts with one person and it goes on like a trail of dominos falling up until the infinite end.

Gratefulness is more than what you think of. It’s a gesture that conveys a sense of comfort to someone for existing. It’s a feeling that stays in one’s heart. It’s a reason someone’s day can be made. And that someone could be you anytime or all the time. The cost of being grateful is nothing but a satisfaction that lightens up your heart and soothes your mind.

Because You are a wonderful human with a mission to make this world a better place to live.

Being thankful does not have to be a dull task. You can always articulate anything to make it interesting. For practicing thankfulness you could try journaling your thoughts. Writing is one of the best ways to give life to your thoughts and dive into the ocean of possibilities.

Try the following journaling challenges to practice thankfulness anytime.


Betterment of the Mental Health

  • Think about the ways you have faced fear in your life. Pick one and write about it. What happened? How did it feel to experience that fear and then to come out to the other side?
  • What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of “forgiveness”.


To acknowledge your own goodness

  • Think of a hard moment in your life. Write about it through gratitude.
  • What does your inner critic say to you about your life.


Optimistic outlook towards life

  • If money wasn’t an issue, what would you do today?
  • What do you hope your legacy will be?


Strengthens the string that holds two people together:

  • Write about the relationship between the family and home. Are they one and the same?
  • Write 5 reasons to be thankful for family


Peace in society

  • Describe the thing that makes peacefulness so lovely and attractive.
  • How much do I crave more peace in the world and my life?


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