At the International Journal of Policy Sciences and Law (IJPSL), we follow the double-blind peer-review process, to ensure that the review is unbiased and transparent in nature. With a competent team of reviewers and editors, we seek to bring fresh ideas to the table and nurture a peer-to-peer review culture.

The Review Board at the journal is expected to follow a set of cohesive rules, ensuring an efficient and standard review. During the academic training, they are familiarized with our thematic areas- covering almost all the issues under social sciences, policy, economics and law. Followed by this, we undertake the following:
Decision-Making: This is the first read-through of the manuscript that helps a reviewer decide whether the paper should be accepted/rejected. This is done after careful analysis of the content, the theme, the language and the research gap of the manuscript. We equip with the resources and knowledge that help them make the required decision.

Reviewing: Once a manuscript enters the review process, our reviewers, along with the Editorial Board, are expected to thoroughly review, understand and edit the manuscript keeping in mind the IJPSL guidelines. Through this, the reviewers are exposed to a wide range of academic literature but also come across various contrasting arguments which allow them to expand their horizons. They are acquainted with the different styles of citations and writing formats, which contributes to their overall development, as an additional skill.

Editing: Our team helps the Review Board not only in analysing and understanding the different research papers/articles, but also to enhance its existing quality. They are allowed to test the academic prowess of different papers, correct the syntax, fact-check it for any misinformation and ensure that it contributes to academia. All of this is done by retaining the original voice of the author(s) and their research.

Formatting: After reviewing and editing, it is very important for us, as a journal to maintain standardization. Right from grammatical errors to making the manuscript visually pleasing, our reviewers are taught the steps to format and design the manuscript, being cautious about its formal nature.

Scoring and Final Remarks: Once the above-mentioned steps are completed, the reviewers are trained to write and mark the manuscripts for authors’ insights. This is a very crucial step in the entire review process as this will not only help the author understand the position of their manuscripts but also improve and work on them. The reviewers are required to give a detailed, as well as, a summarized analysis of the papers, based on certain parameters, along with any recommendations if needed. This analysis is then sent to the authors.
Through this training, the IJPSL ensures a holistic development, not only of the authors but also of the reviewers as they get to learn, practice and reflect their contributions to the field of research through the IJPSL.