Bond and Beyond is an initiative by Project uP which aims to foster parent-child relationships by integrating emotional learning in children of the age group 13-17, by utilizing scientific research and innovative pedagogies.

Parent Guides by Project uP:

Parent Guides are comprehensive manuals curated to simplify important yet neglected subjects for parents. Thereby, helping them to understand and discuss the same with their children. The Parent Guides cover these four themes: Understanding Bullying, Grades and Child Mental Health, Familial Boundaries, and Attachment Styles. The Parent Guides are thoroughly researched, and validated by relevant professionals. Right from the language to the design, the parent guides are developed in a way to reach as many parents as possible, in an easy yet informative way.


All the Parent Guides are open-access and can be found here in PDF format:

Our guides are uP for grabs in hardcopy format too!

Buy our Parent Guides in hard copy format, and support the causes we work for! The hardcopy of the guide is more personalised! It comes with empty templates where a parent can journal about their experiences. It also includes a list of activities that can be carried out by the parent!

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