Project uP, being a social enterprise that works for development and welfare in the urban slums, also targets at finding the problems right from the grassroots,  and then works on the best-possible solutions for it.
Since the beginning, our prime inclination has been towards the field of education, covering SDG 4, and generating a quality impact for the same.
We’ve worked on four sites, within Delhi-NCR, where we followed a systematic pedagogy to impart knowledge and skills to the children.
Before every field-visit, we did intensive research about the demographics of our respective slums so as to get some insights and mould the project accordingly.
We are of a strong belief that geographical barriers should not deprive any child from the gift of education so, we carried out an initiative, ‘Tuitions Under Tree (TUT)’, to expand our impact beyond the urban slums. Under TUT, we focused primarily on children near our homes and campus, who resort to begging and selling articles on the roadside.
We followed the policy of One Child per Volunteer, gave them weekly tuitions following the similar curriculum and provided them with necessary resources.
To make our projects more compatible and adaptable to the urban-slum setting, our research team planned out a holistic education curriculum to be implemented at our sites. The model has learnt and improvised from mistakes of education models around the world. Before text-book knowledge, children will be subject to a  foundation course to help them develop interest in learning and hone their unique skills.