Social impact culminates from significant and collective action of empowering groups of people working together. Project uP has always believed in creating on-field impact with the help of research and advocacy. Hence, Project uP introduces Grants for Good, which perfectly brings together our call for on-field impact which is fueled by our research and capacity building initiatives..

Grants for Good is an initiative which aims to join forces with social organizations to create monumental on-field impact. Through this initiative, we partner with organizations and provide core support by assisting them with resources, procurement, carrying out various social initiatives amidst other activities. In addition to providing monetary and matrial support, we work with our partners by providing hands-on support in developing their target community. We partner with organisations whose goals and vision are aligned with us. We work to ensure that our partners have what they need to generate powerful and sustainable change in the society.

Over the past two years, Project uP has been dedicatedly working towards creating massive change through its flagship research & training programs (Research Bootcamp and I.M.P.A.C.T.). Grants for Good translates all our learnings and fundraising from the said initiatives to generate groundbreaking on-field change

We will be opening applications for more partnerships soon! Feel free to email us for any queries.