Humanity From Home

In March 2020, owing to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the nation went into lockdown. The lockdown, especially when it was imposed in March, resulted in a lot of people facing anxiety in different forms, disturbances in the daily routine due to toxic surroundings, or tensions due to the continuous exposure to the social media. The change could have been foreseen, but not the scale on which it’d occur.

Project uP has always been an ardent advocate of Mental Health. We believe that the brighter side can surely seem translucent sometimes but what’s important is to know that there’s always someone looking out for you. 

Adhering to our belief, and with the hope of adding some quality to other people’s quarantine, in the month of April, we planted the seed of #HumanityFromHome.

The main aim of #HumanityFromHome was to, in any way possible, help people with mental wellbeing and deal with the changes they were having to go through. 

To meet our aim, we worked on spreading awareness about the most common issues under the ambit of mental health, some being- understanding and dealing with anxiety, knowing if someone is living in a toxic environment and how to deal with it, little ways of spreading kindness from home. We even asked our audience to share in their quarantine stories to add some quality to others’. It was really heartwarming reading how dancing had become someone’s escape and reading had become someone else’s; how playing video games with their grandma made someone’s day and playing with their paint brushes made someone else’s. 

With every initiative we carry out, we aim at impacting at least one life; in its entirety, we were able to reach over 1400 people through #HumanityFromHome.