The Certificate Crash Course in Policy Consulting by Project uP, implemented in partnership with the Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya, provides a strong foundation on the main pillars of policy consulting and acts as a gateway to a nuanced understanding of what it means to make a change. The young participants gain in-depth knowledge of not only the main aspects of policy consulting but also grasp an interdisciplinary approach towards research, policy formulation, policy analysis, and its practical implementation, ways to indulge with various organisations, methods of engagement, evaluations, follow uPs; amongst others.

A deep insight into the root cause of various issues and challenges and their consequent effect on all the relevant stakeholders is also inculcated. Project uP recognises the need to involve active citizens with a strong desire to work in the field of policy consulting and is ardent to facilitate the youth. The entire course structure has been carefully devised, taking into account all the necessary material that might be required throughout along with relevant training guidelines.




    1. Who can apply?
      IMPACT is open to all students who are interested in building their careers in policy consulting and policy research.
    2. What is the selection procedure?
      IMPACT has an extensive selection procedure with multiple rounds. The interested people first need to fill a detailed form which is designed to test their abilities. All the shortlisted participants will undergo an extensive interview with the team. 
    3. What is the duration of IMPACT?
      IMPACT is a 30-day program divided into different segments. 
    4. What all will be covered in IMPACT?
      I.M.P.A.C.T, which stands for; Initiating Mobilisation on Policy Action and Consultancy Training, is a comprehensive endeavour to mobilise the youth and empower them to influence key policy decisions. The participants will learn about the fundamental principles of policy consulting, come up with holistic solutions and ways of implementation as well as its practical implications on stakeholders.
    5. What will be the timings of IMPACT?
      The timings will be decided as per the comfort of the batches and subgroups. The participants need to give 1-2 hours in a day.
    6. What can the participants expect from IMPACT?
      Letter of recommendation from the mentors, certificate of completion, practical experience in policy consulting, live sessions with people from the policy space, and other incentives.
    7. Can the participant work at uP as an intern or volunteer after IMPACT?
      Yes, we do take in students and researchers in our team after IMPACT, depending solely on their performance and work ethic.