Research is a tool that gives individuals a chance to look at problems in great detail and with multifarious perspectives. A person equipped with the skills to research has the power to mould the world in a way they want to.

Unfortunately, the stakeholders in the education sector don’t facilitate or expect the students to be versed in academic research.

To improve this situation, Project uP aims to target the grass-root level of the problem and equip the young minds of our country with precise tools and working knowledge of research.

The Research Training Bootcamp aims to equip the students with precise tools and working knowledge of academic research, from research ideation to citations and from presenting to getting published in renowned journals all around the world.

Learning from our scholars who have presented their ideas in international conferences, this program will give the students a chance to dive into the world of research. Added benefits of having publications under your name include ease of admissions in top universities around the globe, stronger CV and better career prospects.

All the funds generated will be put to use for the education of children in Urban Slums, wipe the tears off their faces and extend the hope of a viable future.


    1. Who can apply?
      The bootcamp will have two batches, one for high-schoolers and the other for university students with different curriculums and research mentors.
    2. What is the duration of the bootcamp?
      10-15 days.
    3. Will the participant be a published author by the end? 
      98% of our participants get published!
    4. What will be the timings of the bootcamp?
      The timings will be decided as per the comfort of the batches and subgroups.
    5. What will the participant get at the end of the bootcamp?
      Letter of Recommendation from your Mentor, Certificate of Completion, Certificate of Publication, other incentives depending on the major projects undertaken during the bootcamp.
    6. Will the participant get to attend research conferences?
      Yes (depending on the quality of their research paper).
    7. How many peers will a participant have?
      Each group will have 5-7 members.
    8. Is it open for science students?
      Yes, however please note, uP specialises in research based around public policy and social sciences, and that’s where 90 percent substantive research will be focused.
    9. Can the participant work at uP as an intern or volunteer after the bootcamp?
      Yes, we do take in students and researchers in our team after the bootcamp, depending solely on their performance and work ethic.