Policy Research Internship​

Besides working on the field towards Urban Slum Development, we also work on quality research, brainstorming and recommending data-based research to relevant authorities. Our Research and Design Team carries out extensive research, relating to the themes of our work sphere, some being- Holistic Models of Education and Mental Health in Slums of India.

Our Research and Design Team works alongside three verticals:

  • External Collaborations
  • Policy Recommendations to Governmental Organisations 
  • Independent Publications

Back in the month of June, 2020, we released applications for our first ever Policy Research Internship, and received over 500 applicants. In the mid of July, we commenced the internship with the selected interns on board with us, who fit into either of the three verticals. 

The month-long internship was completely remote and consisted of people from every corner of the country, bringing a unique cultural touch to our internship as well. Even though all the interns had extensive skill sets, they were all on very different pages about researching. 

The internship started with the training sessions, which were led by our research team, making the interns learn the skills and technicalities of researching within a month, and also helping them master their own research papers.

The sole aim of the internship was skill development through helping our interns enhance their researching abilities, and then, through the research work, create impact in the lives we authentically work for. All of ours interns, most for the first time, worked on and completed extremely appreciable research papers (on diverse topics, to name a few, Sex Education, Health and Sanitation, Manual Scavenging, Menstruation, E-Learning, and Drug Abuse), which marks the success of the internship, as it fulfills the aim we started with. 

Our interns came up with several social entrepreneurship models as well, which, along with the research work carried out, will be implemented by our team on our field visits.

We, at uP, believe that Research is a tool that allows us to look at our problems through multiple lenses which are bound to lead us to our path of solving them. We research because it allows us to understand issues pertaining to our field of work based on or research we plan and brainstorm ideas to bring forth tangible changes.