Research & Design

It is no secret that people around the country are suffering, however, one just needs to look in the right places.

We at Project uP believe that Research is a tool that allows us to look at problems through multiple lenses which are bound to lead us to a path of solving them.

The Research Team plays an integral role in reinforcing our on-field work as an organisation.

A person equipped with the skills to research has the power to manipulate change and keeping that in mind, the Research Team at Project uP has been working on various verticals ranging from Individual Publications to External Collaboration and Policy Consultations focusing on Child Welfare and Urban Youth Development.

Our individual publications have intricately focused on urban slum development, emphasising child welfare. Our researchers have penned nuanced research papers/ essays on topics varying from Mental Health to Education in the Urban slum setting.

While on the other hand, the team has also been associated with various stakeholders and made policy recommendations on pressing concerns.

Our collaborations with think tanks have allowed us to have a two standpoint approach towards these concerns and have led to the generation of an even greater impact.

Given the uncertainty of the situation there is a substantive lack of data, so the research team will also work on collection of primary data post the pandemic.

With each word that we write, we thrive to bring about change and create impact.

With our various initiatives including the Policy Research Internship, we’ve impacted over 100 lives in a very short period.


Project Statecraft

In July, 2020, we collaborated with Project Statecraft- an independent youth led think thank that aims to provide a youthful voice to policy making and governance through research initiatives and educational programmes.
The aim of the collaboration was to aid better research and contribute to a greater impact.

Researchers from both the organisations together worked on three research papers, focusing on the following topics:

  • Issues and Challenges in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SHRs) of Young People in India.
  • Peace, Justice, Strong Institutions, and the Role Of Local Government in times of Communal Riots.
  • Barriers to the Education of Rural Youth.

The insights gained from the research work will soon be implemented with our off-field projects. We’re thrilled to present to you the following Research Booklet.


We collaborated with ENACT in January 2021 as our first research collaboration of the year. ENACT is a forum intended to enable people to make links between climate change and its far-reaching implications. ENACT aims to create a climate literate society through the dissemination of knowledge.

The theme of collaboration was highlighting the role of youth in tackling Climate Change.

The collaboration aimed at:

– Fostering discourse in academia by indulging young scholars into academic research;

– Empowering youth to enable conversations around Climate Change;

– Realising and accessing the problems and coming up with imperative action strategies.

Researchers from both the organisations together worked on three research papers, focusing on the following topics:

  • Youth Procrastination and Climate Change
  • Climate Change Action through Education: Strategies to Integrate CCEE in Schools
  • Mainstreaming Gender in Climate Change Action: A Nuanced Approach

We’re exhilarated to present to you the following Research Compendium.

Research Compendium

with students from St.Mark's School, Meera Bagh

In the month of October, St.Mark’s School, Meera Bagh, joined us in making research a more inclusive space by getting their high schoolers enrolled in our Research Bootcamp. The young changemakers entered the Bootcamp with a stereotypical perception about research, and as they left, it wasn’t only a fresh approach towards research that they were leaving with, but also a research paper under their names and a place for themselves in the field of academia.

Filled with comprehensive research around vast topics, we present to you the compilation of their Research Papers in the following Research Compendium.