As a non-governmental, non-benefit, social enterprise working towards Urban Slum Development, we have designed certain Social Entrepreneurship Projects that help the needy in achieving what they want, and thus help us in achieving what we aim at.

Social Entrepreneurship is an approach that uses business techniques to address a social or natural issue in an innovative manner.It is tied in with making an exploration to totally characterize a specific social issue and afterward arranging, making and dealing with a social dare to achieve the ideal change. The change might possibly incorporate a careful end of a social issue.

We at uP tend to operate with a purpose of creating value for the society. We aim to offer solutions that are innovative, unique, people and environment friendly. There indubitably lie challenges to the sustainability of social enterprises, but we target to create a huge impact on the lives of people because we believe we have the capacity to scale these challenges. We are focused on our vision for a happy, joyful and creative childhood for every child. In order to continue making children, women, people from the LGBTQIA+ community and their privileges a priority, we have emphasised on objectives that Project uP, as an organisation, is resolved to take a stab at in the coming future.

In the past we successfully carried out our sustainability model, wherein the prompt goals of Urban Slum Development and Women Empowerment were achieved-
a bunch of plain scarves were provided to the women on our sites, along with the equipment required for block printing. With the help of our team members, these women embellished the scarves, which were then sold and the entire profit amount that was earned went back to the women.

We further plan to carry out many other sustainability models, in the near future. We aim at providing such skills to the younger generations which will make them capable enough of not only surviving in the markets and job places they step in, but also to make them competitive enough to succeed.
We plan to frame out such social entrepreneurial solutions for these competitions among young people which expand their potential to such a level where they are able to generate employment for themselves when they’re not able to find any other opportunity.