Since the inception of Project uP, the aim of the social media team has always been to just impact one life at a time. With the same aim, we spread awareness about topics that fall under the broad thematic areas of Child Welfare, Education, and Policy. Our social media campaigns have successfully reached over 15,000 people, making information on the aforementioned themes more accessible! The following are some of our social media campaigns:

We asked our audience about the things they wish they were and weren’t taught in school. On the basis of their answers, we started our campaign, uP Learning, as a commemoration of World Students’ Day on 15th October (2020). The campaign talks about the topics that should make it to the school curriculum, and those that should be eliminated from the same, to make the education more holistic and inclusive for children.

53% of the children in India face some kind of sexual abuse. With our campaign Time’s uP, we talk about Child Sexual Abuse; including many things that should be talked about more often, like how most of the survivors know their abuser, how we can stop victim blaming, things parents should and shouldn’t do when it comes to CSA, etc.

We, at uP, believe in having an inclusive and healthy workspace, and that if anything brings a smile to our faces, it shouldn’t be kept to ourselves.

The humans of uP have never failed to inspire us; we bring to you real life stories by Humans of uP, with an aim of spreading smiles, one story at a time.

Read, relate, smile, share!

When in March 2020, the nation went into lockdown, a lot of people facing anxiety in different forms The main aim of #HumanityFromHome was to help people deal with the changes they were having to go through. We even asked our audience to share in their quarantine stories to add some quality to others’. It was really heartwarming reading how dancing or reading had become someone’s escape, while playing video games with their grandma made someone else’s.